Working with Graphic Designer

• Graphic designers are creative partners in your communications process.
• If you don’t know much about design, your designer will help educate you about your choices.
• Content is just as important as design.
• Graphic designers understand business; they want to help you sell your product or service.
• Customizing the graphic design to match your content ensures your brand will be unique and stand out.

What makes an Infographic Design Effective?2020-05-16T12:21:52+00:00

When it comes to designing an effective infographic, it’s important to recognize that our brain seeks patterns in visual information to help us make sense of the world. We can use this idea to structure our information visually and create patterns that will enhance the message that we’re trying to communicate.

What’s the resolution of Logo files included in each package?2020-05-16T12:56:11+00:00

You will get your file on a colored background with 600px X 600px resolutions in PNG and high-resolution logo files in vector (EPS, PDF and SVG) formats. These are industry-standard formats that can be used for printing or by other designers for editing/modification purposes.

What is Graphic Design and What does it include?2020-05-16T11:50:09+00:00

Graphic design is a design process that combines text and graphics in a way that is intended to communicate a specific message.

What is the best process for working with a Graphic Designer?2020-05-16T11:48:32+00:00

Although some designers have their own design process, there are some overriding ways that define a good process for working with a graphic designer. Before approaching a graphic designer, make sure you’ve done your research in terms of whether they are a good match for your project. The best results happen when you and your graphics designer hit it off with great communication and wonderful artistic results. A continued beneficial working relationship with your freelance graphic designer on future projects is to be hoped for and what you will be working toward.

What is the Design Process?2020-05-16T11:47:53+00:00

Once you are happy with your quote, we spend some time talking to you to get a feel for your business and learn how best to communicate your required material. We then design some rough drafts for you to look over. You choose the look you are happiest with and we take it from there – tweaking and refining the design as needed. Once you are completely happy with the graphic design and have approved it, we finalise the design. We prepare your print-ready artwork and that’s it. You are then ready to go to print or use your graphics for online use.

Where is Graphic Design used?2020-05-16T11:49:55+00:00

You will find graphic design in company logos, printed materials like brochures, posters, signs, greeting cards, postcards, business cards, billboards and ads. Advances in technology have brought us the digital environment complete with websites, online ads, virtual brochures and presentations, and so very much more.

What format will I get my work in?2020-05-16T11:46:29+00:00

All artwork for print is supplied in high res vector format (.PDF or .EPS) – so no quality is lost when the work is enlarged or reduced. If you want to use your images for web & social media purposes, then we will gladly supply your files in JPEG or PNG for uploading online

What else does a graphic designer accomplish as part of the work they produce for a client?2020-05-16T11:49:04+00:00

Besides turning their client’s vision, brand image and value proposition into a graphic display, a designer will undertake many specialty tasks as part of a graphic design project. The specialty tasks include collaborating on the concept (usually with a team), attending meetings about the project, paying attention to what customers are clicking on, doing presentations that explain the various potential designs, revising designs, and preparing asset files for others on the team and for client use.

What do graphic designers use to create these designs?2020-05-16T11:49:43+00:00

Graphic designers can use hand-illustrated designs as well as computer-aided designs thanks to a wide range of software with nearly endless digital design tools. The availability of software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop have become staples of the graphic designer.

What can a graphic designer do that I can’t do?2020-05-16T11:49:30+00:00

A graphic designer does more than just put their creative skills to work. Though most graphic designers are intuitively creative already, they have generally spent time studying numerous design principles. It’s vital to understand how to use design elements to transmit the required messages and values as well as evoke a certain feeling in the viewer. As a visual communicator, they leverage these design elements and use concepts such as color, typography, space, balance, form and lines to create their visual message. Some graphic designers are also able to understand the more technical aspects of design required to create digital assets for a company. For example, a web designer is often able to create wire frames, workflows, and sitemaps and understand how to develop easy navigation for the user experience.

How long will the Job take?2020-05-16T11:47:41+00:00

Every job is different and every deadline is different. Really you should allow sufficient time for the designing and proofing of your work. If your deadline is very tight, we will do our best to complete your work within this time. We will, of course, advise at the time of the work. We haven’t missed a deadline yet and don’t intend to in the future!

How do i get a Quote?2020-05-16T11:48:10+00:00

Every job is different and individual. We like to give an accurate quote, so we find the best and easiest way to do this is to have quick chat with you. Either call us or drop us an email through our contact page with your phone number and briefly outline your requirements.

How can I work with a graphic designer and stay on budget?2020-05-16T11:48:43+00:00

There are many ways to work with a graphic designer. Partnership options include working through an agency, using a platform like 99designs, or hiring them directly. However, you will want to be prepared to communicate clearly and often about what you want from the graphic designer. The more specific you can be when you fill out your request the more likely the final product will reflect your vision. Communicating clearly and minimizing revisions will hold down your expenses. Most graphic designers include one or two rounds of changes in their project price.

What is an infographic?2020-05-16T12:08:15+00:00

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an infographic (or information graphic) is “a visual representation of information or data”. But the meaning of an infographic is something much more specific. An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. The most visually unique, creative infographics are often the most effective, because they grab our attention and don’t let go. But it’s crucial to remember that the visuals in an infographic must do more than excite and engage.

Why are infographics used?2020-05-16T12:12:22+00:00

Infographics are great for making complex information easy to digest. They can be helpful anytime you want to:

  • Provide a quick overview of a topic
  • Explain a complex process
  • Display research findings or survey data
  • Compare and contrast multiple options
  • Raise awareness about an issue or cause

When you need to give someone a really quick rundown on something that can be hard to explain in words alone, an infographic is a good way to go. This means that infographics can be useful in pretty much any industry.

What are the different types of infographics?2020-05-16T12:17:18+00:00

Our library of infographic templates is sorted into 9 different categories:

  1. Statistical infographics
  2. Informational infographics
  3. Timeline infographics
  4. Process infographics
  5. Geographic infographics
  6. Comparison infographics
  7. Hierarchical infographics
  8. List infographics
  9. Resume infographics
Why does your Business/Company need a Logo?2020-05-16T12:50:24+00:00

A logo design isn’t just a tiny icon or mark; it’s your brand identity that reflects the true essence of your business in a visual manner. A logo could be anything — an image, text, or a combination of both. Res Opera creates beautiful logos for you in just a few minutes. Remember, when you thoughtfully create your own logo it acts as nothing short of a catalyst that boosts your brand promotion. Every brand that wants to create a long-lasting impression on their target audience’s mind should have a well-designed logo. The design of a logo should be timeless, visually appealing, and simple.

What type of Logo should you pick?2020-05-16T12:50:29+00:00
The purpose of designing powerful company logos is brand recognition. Before using the logo maker tool make sure you know your target audience and their preferences. And only then proceed with making your own logo keeping these factors in mind. Choose a professional design that’s simple, memorable, versatile, and relevant. Besides, you must also pay attention to color theory, font, and the meaning of symbols to convey the right brand message. You know what? Our logo creator comes with all these features to get you a logo perfect for your brand.
  • What Type of Logo is Right for You?
  • How to Design a Timeless Logo?
  • Must-Use Fonts in Logo Design
  • Explore the Power of Colors
Keep your Logo Engaging, Memorable but simple2020-05-16T12:50:37+00:00

Even if you are using an online logo generator, keep your design simple. Remember, a simple logo design is self-explanatory, and people can easily recognize it from afar. You might want to use your logo in multiple ways- on your business cards, screens, signage boards, labels, packaging, and other places. So it must make sense and express your brand value, just like other famous brands. Besides, you should also be abreast of the latest logo trends according to your niche. Your brand and your logo should complement each other. Consider different types of logos and then pick the one that fits best to your needs.

How does Res Opera Logo Designer work?2020-05-16T12:53:25+00:00

Res Opera lets you make a professional logo on your own. It also remembers your preferences of colors, icons, text, etc. So, every time you use it, you will realize that the logo maker gets better. The pre-created library of designs helps you access thousands of fonts, icons, and graphics too. The preview mode lets you see how your logo would appear on various products such as signboards, business cards, storefront signs, brochures, and more.

What’s the resolution and file types of Logo files included?2020-05-16T12:58:25+00:00

You will get your file on a colored background with 600px X 600px resolutions in PNG and high-resolution logo files in vector (EPS, PDF and SVG) formats. These are industry-standard formats that can be used for printing or by other designers for editing/modification purposes.

When can I use my Logo after purchase?2020-05-16T12:59:44+00:00

After purchasing a logo from Res Opera, you become the sole owner of it. All you need to do is download your logo files and you can start using them right away. You can use your logos anywhere, anytime!

Can I get a refund after getting the Logo files?2020-05-16T13:01:28+00:00

Sorry, we do not issue refunds for the logo files that have been designed and delivered. It is simply because there is no guarantee that these files won’t be used after the delivery.

When is your Online Support Accessible?2020-05-16T13:02:56+00:00

Our online support is accessible 24×7, from Sunday to Saturday. You can reach out to our sales team via Live Chat or Contact Us form as well.

Can I use my own custom font in my Logo?2020-05-16T13:06:56+00:00

Sure! You can use your own font in your logo. For that purpose you have to share us your font ttf or otf file for the font. To use after purchase your custom font follow the instructions, Open the vector files (EPS, PDF & SVG) that you received  in a graphics editor. In the editor, you can use your own font in your logo.


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